Friends and community church leaders

Shane Rhodehamel - Contributing Columnist

Last month, I celebrated 10 years as the pastor of Faith Family Church. For the previous six years I served as youth pastor and associate pastor at our church. I have lived and worked in our community for most all of my adult life. My wife, Amie and I got married a year before we moved to Wilmington. Our three kids were born at CMH.

It has been an absolute privilege and honor to serve people and be a small part of what God has done across our community. We have so many great people that serve and lead in our community, but there are a few men that lead our community churches that I get to call my friends.

Dale McCamish is the pastor of Wilmington Church of Christ and a gifted leader. He has been a champion for unity and always knows that right questions to ask. We have been in countless meetings together and he always treats others with wisdom and grace.

Larry Speelman is the pastor of First Church of God and has become a very close friend and confidant. He has been a constant source of encouragement and has literally carried the greatest administrative load of all of us pastors over the past years as we have worked together to host Hope over Heroin, multiple Be the Church days, all the way back to Impact World Tour where we hosted a four-day outreach event for our community.

Steve Fricke has been a staple in our community for as long as I can remember as the visionary leader of Dove Church. He has been a champion and friend to the cause of Christ for decades and has had a major role in pretty much anything and everything that God has done in our community. He is kind and compassionate and one of the strongest most committed servant leaders I have had the privilege of getting to know.

His pastoral partner and the backbone of operations at Dove Church, Dave Hinman is a man that loves Jesus and loves people like few others. He has been a mentor and friend to me and always has a word of encouragement for anyone who is struggling. He pastors our entire community and rarely meets a stranger.

After leading Crossroads Church for almost 13 years, Dow Tippett joined our team at FFC and we merged our ministries believing that God could do more through our teamwork. What has happened this past year has been nothing short of amazing! Over the years, Dow has been a catalyst for change in our community and has been a constant source of excitement and encouragement for everyone who knows him.

Our new friend, Ben Abbott joined the Church of Christ staff last year and God is already using him greatly. Friendships of trust are the foundation of every great team and I get to tag along with a bunch of great ones!

Shane Rhodehamel has been the lead pastor of Faith Family Church since 2006. He has been married to his wife Amie for 17 years and they have 3 kids who are involved in Wilmington Middle School. You can contact him at

Shane Rhodehamel

Contributing Columnist