Stop, drop, and simply breathe

Michael Miller - Contributing columnist

Right now, many are tired because of anxiety and stress about an uncertain future. Some are tired simply because of boredom. After all, Netflix can only entertain us for so long.

Yet others are working harder than ever before, and have reached a level of exhaustion. How much caffeine can a human body process? I’ve been testing the caffeine threshold too; I’m with you.

In fact, this morning I woke up late for my job for the first time in years. Since I teach online very early in the morning, I went back to bed when my shift was finished. I just had no fuel left in my tank.

My seven-year-old son woke me up instead of the other way around – and it was really late! I was feeling guilty, and I thought about all the things I needed to accomplish, so the stress immediately hit me.

My son then tells me about a dream he had last night. Call me crazy, but my youngest son has some prophetic dreams. This time he tells me the simplest dream ever.

“We were looking at our old table because we don’t like our new table, and we just stood there. That’s it!”

Was this one of “those” dreams? Was God speaking? Maybe.

Now, I am building a table that needs more work. Work, work, work. However, his words hit me. I need to just stand. I need to just breathe. I need to just, well… be…for a moment.

I decided to actually rest for a little while today.

While processing this rest, my mind was drawn to God. I ate delicious doughnuts and listened to uplifting worship music. That’s a great start to finding rest, but maybe not the best addition to my blood sugar.

Then I soaked in His presence and thought about his name in Hebrew: Yahweh. Did you know that the Hebrew Bible aka the Old Testament was written in Hebrew without vowels? Oddly, the consonants used to form God’s name are the softest consonants in both Hebrew and English. The pronunciations are similar.

So, make these sounds: Y, H, W, H. Yes, these are the sounds you make when you breathe.

Take a deep breath with that Y sound, out with the H, In with the W, and out with the H again. It feels good doesn’t it?

When Moses wanted to know God’s name, God says “I am.” Ponder these things for a moment.

God’s name sounds like breath, and he says that he is.

Can we breathe for just a moment? Can we rest in the fact that God is life itself, that he is -being?

Friends, I don’t know the future. I don’t know how long we will endure this odd time in history. However, I do know who holds the future.

So today, I will pause and think about Y, H, W, H. I will breathe. I will rest.

Even if that rest is for just a moment, I will stop and breathe.

Will you join me? Y, H, W, H…… Y, H, W, H…

Michael P. Miller is E-kids Director at Elevation Community Church in Blanchester.

Michael Miller

Contributing columnist