WC VP fields questions about Clinton County Succeeds

Dennis Kelly - Contributing columnist

Wilmington College’s recent updating of its Scholarship and Awards program to make attending WC even more affordable for local students has raised inquiries regarding the successful Clinton County Succeeds (CCS) program.

The College offers graduates from Clinton County high schools a loan-to-grant award of up to $10,000 upon their WC graduation.

This community partnership program, known as Clinton County Succeeds, is designed to enroll local students by giving these high school graduates or Southern State Community College transfer students an opportunity to afford a local college education as they pursue their bachelor’s degrees.

Those eligible based upon financial need include graduates of Blanchester, Clinton-Massie, East Clinton and Wilmington high schools, and Wilmington Christian Academy. It’s also open to Clinton County residents — 2020 graduates and beyond — that were home-schooled or attended high schools outside the county, and non-residents that attended Clinton County schools.

Eligible students can enroll directly out of high school, after a gap year or with an associate degree from Southern State Community College.

An interesting case finds a local high school graduate who completed his entire associate degree program at SSCC while attending high school through the College Credit Plus Program. He received his two-year college degree in May 2021, graduated with his high school class in June, and entered Wilmington College this fall as a junior.

The purpose of this article is to reinforce that Wilmington College has clearly stayed focused on delivering a quality, hands on educational experience while keeping net costs affordable through graduation. I wish to share some thoughtful questions asked by county residents looking to enroll at Wilmington College for the upcoming Spring and Fall 2022 semesters:

Q: Are Clinton County Succeeds funds the only aid I will receive?

A: Eligible students can also receive scholarships, heritage and talent- based awards.

Q: Besides College aid, what other types of aid are available?

A. Once a student/parent completes the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), students can be awarded additional federal and state grants — these do not have to be repaid.

Q: What does it mean that CCS funds are awarded based on need?

A: After completing a FASFA and receiving all other scholarships, awards and grants, if there is need remaining, as determined by the College’s awarding guidelines, CCS funds up to $2,500 per academic year.

Q. I have other children who have attended college and we know, after a FAFSA was submitted, that the calculation showed no need remaining. So, what has the College implemented to address non-need county residents.

A: Very timely questions. The College has recently revised its Scholarships and Awards to assure net out-of-pocket expense to families remains affordable during and beyond the pandemic. These scholarships and awards are for all students’ need and non-need.

Q. Where can I receive more information about Wilmington College, the CSS program and other aid?

A: The best option is to schedule a visit by calling 937-382-2260. Also, the CCS program is featured on our website https://www.wilmington.edu/admission/clintoncounty . The Scholarship and Awards program is linked from that page.

Remember, it all starts with a visit and/or an application that can be completed on our website at no cost to you — no fee, essay or test score required. Admission decisions can be made in week with a submitted transcript.

It’s The Wilmington Way!

Dennis M. Kelly, a nationally known enrollment administrator, has been presenting columns in the Wilmington News Journal on navigating the college search process as a service to local families. Kelly is the senior vice president for enrollment management at Wilmington College.


Dennis Kelly

Contributing columnist