Be safe, sign up for Code Red

Michael Jones - Director, Clinton County Emergency Management Agency

Summer has arrived, and with the sun and heat, everyone is getting outdoors to enjoy the much-awaited good weather.

But with the warmth and sun also comes severe weather, like thunderstorms with damaging rains, hail and wind, and then there are the times that will produce the dreaded tornado. All of these are a part of our weather here in Ohio, and they can be very dangerous at time.

Everyone needs to know that these situations are possible and occurring in order to prepare and protect themselves. The key to being prepared is knowing when there is severe weather approaching your area.

Information is one of the most important things that everyone wants, and with all the technology today it is easy and abundant with all the social media and apps on smart phones — you can get just about anything at the blink of an eye.

Clinton County has taken steps to support all residents of the county by providing a mass notification system called Code Red. This system will provide emergency notification to your home phone, cell, text messages and email — and it is free for all residents.

All residents need to do is sign up through the Code Red web page at and fill out the information. Or you can go to the Clinton County website and there is a link on the right side — just click and go.

If you do not have internet access, you can call the EMA office at 937-382-6673 and they will help you get signed up.

The Code Red system is provided thorough a joint agreement of the County Commissioners, Clinton County local Emergency Planning, and the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency.

The system will only alert on severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service. But is also capable of issuing general messages that are of importance issued by county officials; however, you can opt not to receive the general messages.

The Code Red is a free service to all residents but it is only good if the residents will take advantage and sign up. This system is on its second year and we have a good number of people that have already signed up, but we need a lot more.

We ask that every county resident take advantage of this great service and become informed and add a layer of protection and preparedness for their families. Information is the key for any planning and preparing; this can assist everyone to become better informed even if you have other apps or notification devices.

Without the support of the residents signing up for the free service it could be discontinued, so please become informed and help keep everyone safer and sign up for Code Red.

Michael Jones is Director of the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency.

Michael Jones

Director, Clinton County Emergency Management Agency