Learning journalism W.I.L.L be fun!

Dianne Bonecutter Garrett - Contributing columnist

Did you know that Wilmington College offers a program each spring and fall for people over 40 years old?

The Wilmington Institute of Lifelong Learning (W.I.L.L.) offers classes for a variety of interests.

The next session starts Sept 12. Offered this fall are knitting, felting, Cherokee language, furniture restoration, Tai Chi, how to talk to your doctor, European cultures, stained glass, English gardens, weight lifting and strength building for seniors, and print/broadcast journalism.

What a great opportunity at a minimal cost. Classes commence for five and six weeks, one day a week.

According to Anita Stanley, W.I.L.L. program director, “The program is dedicated to providing challenging classes for the 40 and older in the greater Wilmington and surrounding area. Our objective is to lead all who wish to join us to new ideas, possibly new experiences, and to gain pleasure in the pursuit of continued, shared learning.”

I have been asked to teach the print and broadcast journalism class. I’m excited and honored.

It is my promise to share fun stories of my years as a staff writer for newspapers, writing for club newsletters and a lifestyle magazine.

Come hear some snippets of my former radio show. Learn the basics of interviewing and reporting.

No tests! No homework! Just fun! My classes will be 4- 5 p.m. September 21-October 19. For more information, log-in to www.wilmington.edu/will.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” — Albert Einstein

Dianne Bonecutter Garrett is a Wilmington native and a former print and broadcast journalist.


Dianne Bonecutter Garrett

Contributing columnist