Remember to not forget … something

Ann Kuehn - Contributing columnist

“Remember, Ann, this is a family newspaper.”

“Remember, Ann, I am the doctor and you are the nurse.”

“Remember, Ann, you are the one who wanted to drive.” (Parking with the right rear wheel on the sidewalk)

“Why are you wearing that?” — Three teenage daughters

“What now, Ann, what now?” — Neighbor observing a son and myself digging out a septic tank

“Remember, Ann, you cannot hang your laundry outside.”

“Remember, Mom, one small fender bender and the car is GONE.” — A son who totaled two cars as a teenager

“Remember, Mom, the Marines decide if I ship out to Iraq. They don’t need your permission.” Fortunately he was sent on a Mediterranean float. (What do you mean you’re the point man? You’re the medic — you’re suppose to be in the back!”)

This is not an article about my foibles, which are unlimited. It is instead sadness at the loss for the Clinton County community over the upcoming retirements of Wilmington News Journal editor Tom Barr (in one month), and reporter/photographer Gary Huffenberger (this Friday).

They didn’t even ask! And what, please tell us, will these two talented newsmen do in their years of retirement stretching ahead? Gary may end up publishing photographs of the meanderings of Lytle Creek.

But Tom? Does he even play golf? (Editor’s Note: At one time, and not well, but now just a spectator.)

It is more than a lament for two talented journalists. It is a fear that small-town newspapers may, in the face of increasing digitalism, become obsolete.

How else can local residents learn of obituaries, follow local sports, see pictorials of the county fair, Corn Festival, and all other large community events? It just isn’t the same looking at a cell phone or computer.

But maybe it’s me. Everything I hold near and dear in life is becoming redundant.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Dayton Daily News, and Columbus Dispatch are not delivered to those of us in the outland. My neighbor is mailed The Wall Street Journal, sometimes two days late. Having cut my teeth on The New York Times, the Journal is a hard swallow, but at least it is a newspaper giving a lot more information than Lester Holt’s two-second blurb (no reflection on Lester).

Ah well, such is life. Despite both Tom and Gary being in the prime of life, and quite honestly, very selfishly deciding to retire at the same time, I and probably every reader of the Wilmington News Journal, wishes each of these gentlemen, “Godspeed and farewell!”

You will be missed!

There is, perhaps, a tiny spark of light.

Perhaps the next editor will not edit quite as severely … “Remember, Ann…” (Editor’s Note: Expletives deleted … just kidding! Thank YOU, Ann!)

Ann Kuehn resides at Ohio Living Cape May in Wilmington. She says, “I gravitated to Ohio at age 18 and never left” and moved to Sabina in 1987.

Ann Kuehn

Contributing columnist