Hope beyond the grave

Dow Tippett - Contributing columnist

“He made a way where there was no way, and I believe he’ll do it again.” — Do it Again, Elevation Band

Have you ever felt trapped? Have you struggled and struggled only to seemingly get nowhere? Do you live with or love someone for whom you think there is no hope left?

What if I told you, “There’s always hope,” would you struggle to believe it?

Sometimes this broken world can convince us that there are limits to hope, limits to redemption, limits to restoration, but there is only one end no one comes back from. Death.

But wait…Jesus even came back from the grave. He came back from crucifixion and suffering beyond our understanding. The Bible says he even came back from Hell. Jesus has conquered every circumstance for which there is no hope.

And this is what the resurrection of Jesus means, “There is always hope.” But understand there is not hope in just anyone, the only hope is in the one who has conquered all possibility of no hope.

This is why Christians all over the world continue to celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Resurrection Sunday is the proof that Jesus is the Christ the son of the Son of the living God.

Now I realize, there are a lot of people who will tell you there are other ways to find heaven, and there are some who will tell you heaven doesn’t exist. Let me ask, did they come back from the grave? Were they dead three days? Did they choose to sacrifice themselves for all mankind’s redemption?

While the world rages against Christianity, Christendom celebrates, because we know the truth…Jesus is alive.

Perhaps, like me, you would rather trust the one who has been there. Whatever circumstances you may be facing, whatever may have a hold on you, whatever has you feeling hopeless, there is a way out.

Jesus Christ has conquered all, but what he claims is that he has overcome all, which means you can not only get past and away from the seemingly hopeless, but you can be free to discover more life than you have imagined. The resurrection is proof that there is a living God, and that He is available to whoever will follow Him.

But here is the sticking point. You can’t live life on your own terms any more. You have to be willing to follow His will for you. So many of us want to keep doing things our own way. Again, let me ask, “How’s that working out?”

The one who rose from the dead is available and there is no better time than now to seek Him. This Sunday churches all over our community will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, I want to encourage you to join them. If you need hope, you can find it there.

Dow Tippett is Connections Pastor at Faith Family Church.


Dow Tippett

Contributing columnist