Dems offered the unacceptable

A recent “book review” of On Tyranny in these pages asked how we wound up with a such-and-such septuagenarian President. It’s easily explained. It’s because the Democrats offered the unacceptable.

They gave us a choice between a septuagenarian Marxist and a near septuagenarian, corrupt woman with a ton of baggage ranging from her un-secure email server, mishandling of classified information, corruption beyond belief using the office of Secretary of State to shake down and funnel money into her family foundations Clintons very wealthy, topped off with her telling half the country they were deplorable.

Quotes mentioning the Hitlerian playbook and Reichstag fire — over the top. They don’t apply to our moment. It’s just inflammatory language. Erosion of our democratic institutions were rife the last eight years, when we had a President who actually threatened them. He bypassed Congress via draconian executive orders that actually attacked civil liberties directly.

Trump’s executive orders have largely been undoing those dictatorial actions. Democrats also spear-headed legislation that forced American citizens to buy something just because you were alive, and if you did not buy it you were penalized with a fine.

Obamacare was sold with lies and contempt. It is tyranny and antithetical to our founding principles of liberty. Suppression of free speech… I ask, who is it that is suppressing free speech? Who is rioting and threatening violence if a conservative speaker is invited to a college campus? I don’t see Trump putting FBI agents on reporters like Obama did. Nor has Trump had the NSA spy on Congress as Obama did. Who used the IRS as a weapon against their political enemies? There were scandals aplenty the past eight years born in the Oval Office that liberals ignored, scandals that got people killed.

While liberals prattle on about tyranny it is they themselves who are rioting, burning and threatening people. They even threaten Congressmen when they try to do a town hall. They have no respect for the results of the election… who, I ask, is it that is threatening the democratic institutions in our Republic?

So I suggest my liberal friends calm down, drink some tea and get a grasp on reality. They lived through tyranny and somehow missed it. Those on the Left have truly flipped their collective minds and frankly at this point their behavior is a real threat to our Republic’s survival.

Tim Inwood


Clinton County Republican Party