Data show growth at East Clinton

Eric Magee - Contributing Columnist

As you probably know, the State of Ohio has released its report card for schools across the state. A variety of opinions exist about the validity of the measures of the report card and the effect on students and on the educational system as a whole. Regardless of where your opinion lies, East Clinton is a public school … a state agency.

Therefore, we are bound to the rules and regulations thereof. Measures and benchmarks may change. Curriculum and assessments may be modified.

Our goal will not be swayed. We are growing our students to become Champions and Ambassadors to this community and for this community.

This report card is one tool that we have at our disposal in fulfilling our vision and our duty.

As we delve into the data, the question to ask is, “How can I use this information to better the instruction provided and the learning taking place?” Let’s not hide from the data, but rather dive in.

When we dive in, we will see growth, tremendous growth. As a district, we saw an increase in the Performance Index from a D to a C. We saw our Gap Closing grade nearly double from a 33 percent to a 65 percent. That is a huge percentage!

We have focused on the K to 3 Literacy component. That F improved to a C! The Progress component rose to a B showing outstanding gains with the Students with Disabilities sub-group.

Certainly improvement in all areas still lies ahead. Just as with all schools in the region, we received an F on the Indicators Met component. I say, let’s not try to rationalize it away or try to show how our F is better than someone else’s F. I say, let’s accept the challenge. Let’s rise to the occasion, and not settle for “whatever may happen, happens.”

Let’s forge ahead and set the pace for all who may come behind. The data show that we are working in the right direction and taking positive steps. This year … we LEAP!

Eric Magee is superintendent of East Clinton Local Schools.

Eric Magee

Contributing Columnist