Message to Millennials, Generation Z

Dow Tippett - Contributing columnist

We are surrounded by new technology.

At my site Gig.Church, I write exclusively around the questions arising for the church in our modern culture and gig economy. Specifically, how does the church deliver an eternal message with eternal results in a fast-changing world.

This month I would like to share some of those thoughts.

Just over 25 years ago, I stood in front of a group of college faculty and students and proclaimed boldly, “I am going to change the world! … Wanna come?”

At that time my message was centered on the three main characters in true world change: the World, the Church, and Jesus. My text was one verse: “We proclaim Him admonishing and teaching with all wisdom, that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.”

The call of Jesus to Paul and his cohort and the call of Jesus to us, is to change the world. Nothing less. We are to bring life-giving love that is birthed out of Jesus love for us to a broken fragmented planet. We are an army of love.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was the winding road my life would follow and that world change happens one life at a time, one moment at a time, to put it in the context of our culture one gig at a time.

However, I have never been more encouraged than I am now that the church can actually make large sweeping changes across the globe.

As Brady Shearer of Pro Church Tools likes to say, “We have undergone the greatest communications shift in the last 500 years.”

What does that mean for millennials and those that follow? The world is ripe for changing.

Your generation, like few before it comes with a passion to make a real difference, and you have the tools, culture, and mindset to do so.

So, here is my encouragement to you … don’t waste it.

Our world is divided and divisive. At the same time technology gives us so much freedom, it steals so much of our time. Take control. Rise up and bring love in every tweet, text, and post. Make the name of Jesus known, not by what we stand against, but by truth lived out in love.

This is not a call to social justice, as I heard John Elredge say yesterday, “The majority of women rescued from the sex trade return of their own volition … Unless you heal the trauma done to the human soul … she cannot actually get free.” We need to stop acts of evil, but even more we need to bring the light of Christ into the darkest places.

Coming generations, Jesus is the hope of the world still today, and you are the people he longs to use. Be all you can be. Be all you long to be. Let’s change the world.

But I leave you with this caution: it will probably be a winding road, and the world is changed one life, one moment at a time. So do not give up.

Dow Tippett is an author, speaker, and leadership coach who writes at and

Dow Tippett

Contributing columnist