What are your expectations?

Mike Daugherty - Contributing columnist

I have heard a lot of negative things lately.

We all shook our heads while our national leaders debated a recent Supreme Court nomination. We are watching some awfully negative TV commercials for the upcoming election. Our entertainment is filled with profanity, and seems to concentrate on negativity. We have come to expect negative things every day.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Recently, Jim Gumley and I stood in front of Lowe’s and talked for a long time about the Boy Scouts.

We talked about how they wear the proper uniform for their boards of review, because it teaches them to dress appropriately for all other important events in life. We talked about how fine these young men are, and our high hopes for their future. We talked about how they are learning skills that will make them more employable, more dependable, and better leaders.

Each scout has a goal for success, and an expectation that he will achieve the success he plans. We talked about how they are learning to be good men.

Last week, I toured the STAR Community Justice Center in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. This is a place where people who have committed nonviolent offenses can go to re-learn how to behave. It concentrates on Structure, Therapy, Advocacy, and Restoration.

The goal of this program is to help people who have made bad habits in their lives develop good habits, so that they can live without committing offenses.

While I was there, I saw a childhood friend. We spoke. He hugged me.

He said, “This time I’m going to make it, man.”

I believe him. He has an expectation that he will succeed. He has a plan.

Upon his release he will be following that plan with the help of aftercare professionals from STAR who will meet with him regularly to monitor how well he does it.

His success will give his children their father, will give his wife her husband, and will give this community a good man who has a lot to offer.

We frequently receive what we expect to receive. When we talk negatively, expect the negative, and concentrate on what’s bad, that is exactly what we get.

When we make a plan, work that plan, and keep a positive attitude about that plan, we frequently receive a positive outcome.

A good friend has told me, “I play like I practiced.”

So, what do you expect?

Do you expect negative things or positive things? Do you speak to others in a negative way or a positive way? Do you think negative thoughts or positive thoughts?

Your expectations, combined with your actions, will control how your day goes.

Make each day a good one!

Mike Daugherty is Judge of the Clinton County Municipal Court.


Mike Daugherty

Contributing columnist