Reinstatement fee amnesty in Ohio

Mike Daugherty - Contributing columnist

There are dozens of ways to lose your license. Getting it back can costs lots of money. Thousands of Ohio residents owe money to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

For many, the price is too high to pay and they will never be able to afford to drive legally again. This results in people who cannot get good jobs because they cannot get to work. This also results in people who drive with a suspended license — often with no insurance — and who frequently get in trouble.

It just shouldn’t be this hard. But there is hope now.

Last year the General Assembly passed a new law that requires the BMV to reduce the reinstatement fees for eligible people. In some cases, those reinstatement fees can be waived completely.

You can get more information from the Ohio BMV website at . There is a green square near the lower right corner of the page where you can click to get more information and to apply for help.

If you are a Clinton County resident with a suspended license, we can help you figure out how to get a valid license.

You have to visit in person, and ask at our Clerk’s Office for help with your driver’s license. We can check your license status, and tell you exactly what you have to do in order to obtain a valid license.

In some cases, we can grant limited driving privileges even if you are under a suspension. We do not charge a fee for the information.

Clinton County Municipal Court is on the second floor of the Wilmington Municipal Building, 69 N. South St., Wilmington.

Mike Daugherty is Judge of the Clinton County Municipal Court.

Mike Daugherty

Contributing columnist