Motorists at dangerous speeds

The callous disregard that many drivers have for speed limits was vividly illustrated recently when the Ohio State Highway Patrol conducted enforcement on a section of Route 2 in Mentor..

… It would have been an understatement to say that the officers kept busy during an early morning speed detail on April 16.

There were four units on the ground that issued 15 speed citations within an hour. Within the first six minutes of the flight, all four troopers were issuing speed citations.

The speeds for which these citations were written ranged from 80 mph to 106 mph. To put it in perspective, the speed limit for this stretch of highway is 60 mph.

In two of the instances where an officer pulled a motorist over for speeding, there were also citations issued for driving under suspension. One of those motorists was taken into custody and had his vehicle towed when officers found drugs and seized them for testing.

The four units on the ground could not keep up with the number of speeding motorists the pilot clocked, including three vehicles doing speeds of 90, 92 and 93 mph, all within a minute of each other.

We commend both law enforcement agencies for working together on this effort. While they are producing some impressive results, it’s also a bit scary to think about how many motorists drive at dangerously high speeds on Route 2 and get away with it. … — The News-Herald