Parental behavior threatens high school sports

Which highly successful high school coach will be the next to say, “I’m done. I’ve had enough of parents.”?

Equally as possible: Which coach, no matter the level of his or her successes on and off the field or court, will be forced out by an administration that caves to pressure from overzealous parents who are sure that coach is preventing their little Bobby or Suzie from attaining athletic stardom and a college scholarship?

When two executive directors of high school athletic associations author an article titled, “Parents and Adult Fans: The Biggest Challenge Facing High School Sports Today,” you know there’s a problem. (It is published in today’s News Journal Opinion page.) …

To the parents who wonder (and vocalize) why “the zebra” can’t get the call right: Maybe that man or woman is brand new to the sport because your big mouth ran off the last good umpire who grew tired of your act and didn’t want to be followed to the parking lot yet again.

In Ohio, a growing shortage of high school officials — profound in wrestling, swimming and track and field, according to the article — threatens the continuation of those competitions as we know them. “No officials means no more games,” the article succinctly puts it.

… We need every good coach and official to say at season’s end: “I’m not done. I can’t wait till next year.”