Editorial: Cedar Point fails to inform

A recent editorial by the Sandusky Register:

As far as we’re concerned, Cedar Point should be in the amusement park business and not the police department business. That’s been made clear after an accident on Aug. 15 sent an unidentified woman to an area hospital with a serious head injury.

Almost a week after being hit by an unidentified object — that is believed to have fallen from a train on the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster as it was ending its run — the woman’s name, her condition, even whether she survived all remain undisclosed.

Park officials aren’t taking calls.

The Cedar Point police department — a state authorized police agency, a subsidiary of the Sandusky police department — was the department on the scene first and handling the initial investigation of this unfortunate situation.

It is curious, did the Cedar Point police fail to gather information — including the victim’s name — after she was seriously injured at the park? What is the victim’s current health status? Did they talk to eye witnesses about the incident? Where does the investigation stand? These are just a few questions that we and the community are asking but no one from Cedar Point police is answering them.

If the Cedar Point police department continues to withhold information or doesn’t at the minimum come forward and provide a public statement on this situation — then the charter for the Cedar Point police department should be revoked, and re-worked.

— Sandusky Register, Aug. 21