Editorial: Poll workers delivered 99.9% vote accuracy

A recent editorial by the Youngstown Vindicator:

Election security and accuracy are a hot topic these days. But here in Ohio, Secretary of State Frank LaRose has announced we have nothing about which to worry when it comes to the job done by our county elections officials.

Upon completion of the county boards of elections’ post May 3 audits, the accuracy rate for the primary has been determined to be 99.9 percent. Certainly voters can be confident their voice is being heard.

“The remarkable heavy lifting that Ohio’s county boards of elections have done over the past two years should never be taken for granted,” LaRose said. “Amid uncertainties brought on by COVID, lockdowns and the shifting tides of redistricting litigation, Ohio’s boards of elections continue to rise to any occasion and deliver excellence to Ohio voters.”

With 88 county boards, there always is the chance someone could make a mistake — or worse. But that has not been the case, and the transparency and integrity with which these officials do their jobs is commendable.

“Ohioans should thank the friends and neighbors among them who serve as precinct officials for their patriotic service to our state and democracy,” LaRose added.

Indeed, it is because so many take seriously the responsibilities that come with our voting privileges that we can be assured our elections are carried out with the utmost attention to security and accuracy. Because they run such a tight ship, we also can be confident as we head to the polls next time.

Conspiracy theories aside, the men and women who make our democratic republic work have taken away any excuse to which potential voters might be clinging, to avoid the polls.

— Youngstown Vindicator, July 1