Thankfully, we are free to publish this

We join today with hundreds of other newspapers and call on President Donald J. Trump to stop using the hyperbolic rhetoric he routinely employs to humiliate his perceived enemies. We join other newspapers across the country to condemn Trump’s dangerous and dehumanizing rhetoric, including calling the news media the “enemy of the American people.”

We’re just one of many targets, however, for President Trump. He’s been driving home the message of division, escalating his attacks both broadly, and individually, to disturbing new levels in recent weeks. He’s become chief propagandist of misinformation he cobbles together from questionable news sources, and at the same time purports to call out legitimate news organizations that dare to report on his perceived disingenuousness.

The Sandusky Register stands proudly with other newspapers, with other media companies, with our shared tradition of celebrating our communities and our nation and serving them.

We are not the “enemy of the American people,” Mr. President. We are champions of the people, and their right to know, their right to be informed.

— The Sandusky Register