Share with us, we’ll share with Clinton County

We want to hear your good and/or interesting news so we can spread the word to all of Clinton County.

The News Journal is a daily paper with a small staff that tries its best to get into the community and sniff out stories that need to be told. The newspaper staff doesn’t hear of, or know about, everyone or every happening in Clinton County. The vast majority we aren’t aware of, despite our best efforts.

But ultimately, there are so many more stories to be told from a county that has more than 40,000 residents.

You or someone you know may have a strange or interesting hobby or job that would make a good feature story. You may know of a cool project that your child is doing in school or an organization they’re part of that doesn’t get much publicity. You may know of a courageous adult or child whose story might be inspiring.

But the stories don’t necessarily have to be awe-inspiring: You may have a potato chip that looks like Donald Trump’s hair, or you took a photo of your dog doing something funny or human-like.

So please, if you have a story idea, let us know. It could be about an interesting person and/or an individual or group with an interesting vocation or avocation. Or a person or organization who simply does something good for the community.

If you’ll keep in touch with us, we can keep in better touch with you, the community. We may not be able to do a certain story for one reason or another, but we need to hear from you. Email us at or message us on Facebook.