Mayor Stanforth at work for Wilmington

We have known John Stanforth for over 40 years. In that time he has demonstrated his character, dependability and honesty in his business and personal relationships. However, we were surprised when he ran for his first term as mayor. We did not know of any prior political experience he had and wondered if he was prepared for some of the problems we anticipated he would face in the world of small-town politics.

Our questions were quickly answered when he immediately cut through the distractions and went to work. From his first days in office John and his team have, among other projects, improved streets and highways that were long overdue for repairs, and initiated a program that has begun to eliminate housing that was no longer habitable and harmed neighborhood property values. John doesn’t just talk the talk, we have seen him on a ladder working on the city building, planting trees, working in the cemetery and elsewhere around Wilmington.

We are impressed with the capable, hard-working, accessible team John has assembled and look forward to more accomplishments in his next term. The people of Wilmington can be assured that the progress John has made will continue if he is elected to a second term. Please vote for John Stanforth and give him the opportunity to continue his good work for our city.

Daniel and Nan Kennelly