Stanforth honest and gets things done

I have known John Stanforth for more than 30 years. I can honestly say I have never met a more honest, open and forthright person.

When he was in the construction business, John did some major remodeling on both a large commercial building my partner and I owned and on my home. He was fair and ethical; the type of contractor you recommend to your family and friends.

John Stanforth was a successful businessman. He understands making a payroll. He’s always looking at the bottom-line when making decisions. John’s experience is “real world.” He had to earn his pay by providing a service that had value to the person paying the bill.

While most of us are not fans of all the orange barrels”, we have a mayor that is getting things done. We have a mayor that is approachable and willing to listen to anyone who has a legitimate concern.

Wilmington needs a mayor that has a “real world” background. The last thing our community needs is a politician.

Paul Butler