Stanforth moving city in right direction

During the Candidates’ Forum of the Clinton County Republicans, I saw a candidate make personal attacks as opposed to John Stanforth, who is continuing to move Wilmington in a positive direction.

I want to live in a responsibly growing and prospering community, not one where personal attacks are made and blame is assigned rather than responsibility taken. I have enjoyed this community, particularly while the current administration has been in office. The hands-on approach of the administration and responsible reinvestment in this community has been a welcome improvement!

What kind of governed community do you want to live in? I will be voting for one where the budgets are balanced, and taxpayers’ dollars are respected. That’s why the family man, businessman, and moral leader of our community, John Stanforth, has my vote May 7. If someone says his phones aren’t answered, that’s not been my experience — call 937-218-2527 and ask me about it.

Jason D. McCarty