Jonathan McKay works to help everyone

I am writing today in favor of Jonathan McKay for 1st Ward Wilmington City Council. Jonathan is a true friend and a kind person. I didn’t know Jonathan until I started working at Wilmington Savings Bank. He is hard to understand where he is coming from at first but once you get to know him you learn quickly he is a very kind, warm great person and fun to talk too.

I recently bought a home in Wilmington and I had some problems with my street. I moved into the 3rd Ward and wasn’t sure who to call, but I knew one person who would listen and that was Jonathan. He listened to my problems and within one hour city crews were on my block fixing what needed to be fixed. From there on out I nicknamed him “Mr. Wilmington.”

Jonathan cares deeply about the city and helping people in his ward and outside of it. He is exactly what we need in city government. He has vast knowledge of issues and, most importantly, he cares about people and their problems.

I can not vote for Jonathan since I live in the 3rd Ward, but I am encouraging other do so in his ward. I ask you to do the same. We need to keep Jonathan McKay in city government!

Maggie Christen