GOP ignores voters, presidential candidates

Some popular Republican presidential candidates were down to the wire this month assembling the last of their Ohio delegates. What is holding these campaigns back? The Republican Party will only help establishment candidates.

Thursday’s article “GOP set to battle on Kasich’s turf” credits “lackluster support” for those presidential candidates struggling to acquire their delegates in Ohio.

However, some of these candidates have had excellent voter support. The common denominator is more likely the Republican Party’s actions.

Many county central committee chairmen, including some in our own district, refused to seek delegates for campaigns that have not indulged – through financial contributions and/or favorable legislation – the Republican Party elites. In other words, they only connected voters with establishment players.

These county chairmen are answering to the RNC and autocrats like Kasich rather than listening to their constituents and welcoming new talent. But, authority in a republican government must start with the voters.

If any election showcases the sharp divide between candidates favored by their party and those favored by the voters, it’s this one. For example, Bush and Trump. Or, for the Democrats, Hillary and Sanders.

If voters want to be counted, they must grab hold of their county parties and become involved locally. They must understand their greatest leverage is with their neighbors, not electing the next president.

The real action is way before November.

James Babb

New Vienna