No collusion, no obstruction found

After some 675 days, the verdict is in from the Robert Mueller investigation and there was no collusion (with Russia ) or obstruction on the part of the president or members of his campaign. It has been indicated that the cost of this so-called “witch hunt” by the POTUS was some $25M that we taxpayers have to pay for.

Nearly all of main street media, many on the left in Congress, selected Hollywood celebrities and many others were absolutely sure there was collusion and obstruction and talked about it every hour of every day of every month for 2+ years, only to find out they were all “dead wrong” and the meltdown began. Some, including Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee made many false statements including he had proof that there was conclusion and still wants to go further in investigating the idea. Several GOP congressmen have called for his resignation but, of course Nancy Pelosi steps in quickly and praises Mr. Schiff – indicating that the GOP is afraid of his intelligence, competence, the truth – indicating he is a true leader … even though he has been peddling this false collusion, obstruction narrative for about two years.

How did this so-called witch hunt get started anyway? Probably from the fake dossier, bought and paid for by, I guess Hillary Clinton and the DNC which then led to FISA warrants (illegal as they were ) to try and discover any information that would be detrimental to the POTUS and the Trump Campaign. Illegal activities that should be prosecuted … sounds like it and perhaps the new ATG Barr will proceed down this path, sooner than later!

Is it not time that many individuals with a left bias should be held accountable and investigated in detail for potential criminal acts they have committed? James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and perhaps others in the Obama Administration – all have made disparaging remarks with regard to the POTUS’ potential collusion and obstruction and it seems that a special counsel should be appointed to pursue their perhaps illegal activities. But without a doubt the Democrats will continue to pursue any and all avenues to convict and/or impeach our achieving President Trump. Good Luck on this non-achievable effort!

George R. Cook