Mayor Stanforth an exemplary leader

Leadership comes in many styles. Steady, thoughtful, professional leadership that produces tangible results is what our city continues to enjoy under the current mayor, John Stanforth.

From observing him and other city leaders over the last few years, I have watched John hire well and trust those people to do their jobs. He isn’t a finger-pointer or a knee-jerker. He gathers facts to make decisions and solicits opinions from subject matter specialists before making decisions that affect our way of life.

John brings his business owner experience to city projects and is a shrewd and honest negotiator. He embraces innovation and is willing to try new things. He believes in a positive future for Wilmington.

John gets involved — down in the dirt or up on a piece of heavy equipment — to lend a hand and get the job done. He attends downtown events, volunteers with civic groups, and never hesitates to take part in whatever needs done. You can regularly find him spreading mulch, speaking one-on-one with residents, or checking out a demolished house through our county land bank program.

Some folks think leading is by volume or finding fault. I can attest it is not. Leadership is about using time-tested practices, keeping your cool, making tough decisions, admitting when you are wrong and learning from mistakes. We are extremely fortunate to have a mayor who has demonstrated those characteristics and more. Keep John Stanforth where we need him — as our mayor.

Brad Reynolds