Stanforth will ensure continued progress

Work ethic and integrity — those are words often used to describe John Stanforth’s tenure as mayor, as well as his career as a local business owner. I have had the opportunity to work with John in both of those roles and have seen both of those qualities demonstrated time and time again. While I may no longer live in Wilmington, it is still my hometown; the place where many family members and friends live.

I have absolutely no doubt that John Stanforth is the best candidate for mayor. He is willing to make difficult decisions, in terms of policy, projects and personnel. He has a strong sense of providing value for citizens, not just minimum services. Wilmington has benefited from both his unique skill set and his commitment to the future of the community. His dedication to the community has also been played out through innumerable volunteer projects — always with humility, servant leadership, and good will. Working with John on volunteer projects has been a pleasure (and learning experience) for me, as well as many others.

He is a leader focused on results who has demonstrated that he has what is needed to move Wilmington toward a bright future. Please vote for John Stanforth for Wilmington mayor to ensure progress continues.

Lori Kersey Williams

Ocala, Fla.