Praying for those considering abortion

I am writing in dismay as I heard about New York allowing late-term abortions. I know there are tears in Heaven over the loss of these babies.

I would like to address my sisters who are contemplating abortion. I pray for you every day. I know that many of you truly do not fully understand the decision you are making. When I pray for you, please know that as a Christian I am not judging you, because I truly love you and your unborn baby. As a Christian I am taught to love you as Jesus loves you. I do not want you to suffer pain years from now, when you fully understand what happened, when you aborted your baby. In the next few years, many of you will have the opportunity to get married.

One day you will want a child of your own. Just think of the joy you will have when you find out you are pregnant then and realize you have a baby growing inside of you. When you do, the pain of your past will come rushing back to you. I would never wish that pain on anyone. I will pray for your healing, your past baby and your present baby. It is people like me who will be there to support you. When you see Christians praying outside of abortion clinics, please understand they desperately want to help you and your situation. We are not the enemy; we are and always will be your sisters in Christ.


Cathy Pendell