Democrats are absolutely hysterical, hateful

The hate Trump train continues on the left and actually started before he was even inaugurated and I think in some cases prior to the 2016 final outcome. Many on the left thought the election was rigged, some even thought it was illegal and now want to do away with the Electoral College since they didn’t like the outcome. And once the Democrats regained the House in 2018 the investigations and the subpoenas hit a high rate of speed and continue to this day.

They desperately are trying to uncover something negative with regard to the Trump administration. First it was the Mueller investigation and they felt sure that Mueller would return enough to indict the POTUS but oh their hero in the beginning turned out to be their faulty truth finder in the end – no collusion and no conspiracy. Surely something was left out of the Mueller report that reflected badly for the POTUS. Then the highly experienced Attorney General of the U.S., Mr. Barr, was asked to testify before the Senate which he did but then, of course, followed the Democrats in the House’s mantra – he lied, he is protecting the POTUS, he misread the Mueller Report and left out some of the incriminating facts. They indicated that the Barr summary that was submitted to Congress was surely not complete and left out some key concerns. There was a 2nd day request for Mr. Barr which he is currently refusing to do. Next Mr. Mueller is being requested to testify under oath in Congress and surely there will be a nugget that will be detrimental to the POTUS.

Further, we absolutely know there is some negative things in his personal tax returns which we have requested (there is no law requiring the POTUS to surrender his personal tax returns ). Perhaps we should request the tax returns of his family…must be something there. Perhaps we should request documentation on the children’s tuition bills and their college grade reports. Well if that is not enough we surely have a great 2020 platform to run on – Open borders; Higher Taxes; Do away with ICE; Pass the New Green Deal; Provide for Reparations; Continue with sanctuary cities; support the “me too” movement by doing away with hand shake greetings.

Oh did I say the Democrats have a serious case of absolute hysteria?

George R. Cook