Democrats’ ‘exciting’ 2020 election platform

The 2020 election campaigns have begun and the Democrats have already announced a total of 23 possibilities. This should turn out to be a very interesting debate scenario. I think it has been announced by the DNC that there will be two separate debates. One would have to certainly agree, I think, that they have a very scattered but an interesting platform shaping up! One might expect the platform to include key items such as: continuing the booming economy, keeping the unemployment rates for all backgrounds at very low levels, making sure that small businesses are not bound up by suppressing restrictions, making sure that we have an immigration plan that addresses the many issues today, keeping our country safe with a strong military, addressing foreign threats .. but it seems that many, if not all, of the following appear to be key elements in their 2020 election platform: abolish ICE, open borders, reparations, eliminate the electoral college in favor of the popular vote, raise taxes to pay for the new green deal, push forward the socialist agenda, attacking big business that provides millions of jobs for Americans, issue many more subpoenas, all debts – especially student – are forgiven, wealthy people are bad, the GOP are really the hypocrites, President Trump actually inherited a booming economy from the Obama administration (sure!), President Trump is a liar and a sexual predator … .and of course President Trump should be impeached due to his cover-up and Russian collusion activities.

Wow is this a winning platform (doubt it) or just the kind of material that President Trump will probably include in his 2020 re-election campaign speeches. I wouldn’t bet against it! I am wondering if the left actually read the full Mueller Report which did not indict or declare the president guilty of anything … and I believe that was put together by a group all liberals on the committee and some donors to the Democrat party. Last time I checked, in any contest there are “winners and losers” and in case the Democrats don’t know it, they “lost” the 2016 presidential election and if they continue with this outstanding platform (just kidding) the big Red Wave will present itself again in 2020!

George R. Cook