What exactly are these surplus funds?

Regarding the op-ed in the June 8 News Journal, I find the information regarding the waterways interesting; however, there was something of greater interest in that piece.

Mention was made of the surplus funds the state has and how they use them.

This is new information! Since when does the state have surplus funds to save to a rainy day fund? Where do all those dollars come from?

And why are they allowed to lounge in the rainy day fund until something else gets found for their use?

What about the schools and their serious lack of funding? What about Children Services and the serious needs they have?

There are too many questions here about financial dealings — things that one would think would have been covered in a balanced budget, which I do not believe the state has.

Does casino money come into this? How about marijuana money? And we were led to believe the state needed money and that’s why casinos and marijuana sales were to be had. Yet the comment is made that the state has surplus funds?

Is the cat out of the bag? Or Is there a bad smell in Columbus? Or do we need to be asking hard questions of our elected representatives at the Statehouse?

I think some answers need to be given. How about you?

Jan Widman