Far left women in House of Representatives

Have any four individuals in the U.S. Congress ever received so much media attention as the four newly elected congresswomen in the U.S. House of Representatives: A.O.C. (NY); Llham Omar (Minnesota); Rashida Talib (Michigan); and Ayanna Presley (Massachusetts) … They have become mass media darlings with A.O.C. leading the pack on a daily TV basis. The question is “why” are they receiving so much media attention. Is it because they are from minority backgrounds (African American, Muslim, and Spanish descent?) Maybe or is it because they have espoused such radical left oriented proposals – probably. And is it to get notoriety or is it just to gain attention and votes?

The crux of their far left and perhaps radical proposals include, but not all inclusive, are: Impeach the President; Get rid of I.C.E. i.e. Open Borders; Medicare for all; Free college and trade school tuition; federal job guarantees; 70% marginal tax rate on incomes over $10M (the Top 1% pay 40% of total incomes taxes already); $15 minimum wage; the New Green Deal (by A.O.C.) — is this a joke?’; Lower the voting age to 16; Defunding I.C.E. which they indicate pose an “existential threat” to immigrant communities; etc.

One of the concerning factors is the outrageous disparaging comments with regard to the white house and POTUS by Michigan representative Rashida Talib calling for impeachment of the (expletive) president and in front of her children, showing disrespect for the office. She has also made anti Semitic comments. Ayanna Presley referred to President Trump as racist, misogynist, and truly empathy bankrupt man. She has supported “taking a knee” protests with regard to recognizing the USA flag, i.e. Colin Kaepernick. Lliham Omar has also been accused of various anti-Semitic comments.

One would have to ask “are these the kinds of policies and program that most Americans want?” I think without a doubt the answer is no. Why are these four individuals getting so much attention in the mass media, almost on a daily basis? Well maybe it is because certain of the mass media support them. And then there is the big showdown between A.O.C. and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi … this is really getting interesting. Well I guess the 2020 elections will give the voter their chance to decide who is right and who is wrong here.

George R. Cook