Where is the outrage over this salary?

A Dec. 8, 2015 front-page News Journal article outlined the displeasure a member of the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission had with the amount of salary awarded by the CCRPC board to its director, Taylor Stuckert.

At issue was the 19.2 percent increase in compensation, mostly in the form of of health insurance, and the salary of $55,000. The member was quoted as saying, “This is what’s wrong with government spending.”

A large portion of the CCRPC budget is from membership dues. The county is the largest paying member. The CCRPC and the county budgets are in the black.

One week later, Dec. 15, 2015, another front-page article announced that Wilmington’s newly elected mayor had chosen a then-current at-large council member to be his executive assistant.

The article said her duties would include reviewing financial documents, preparing budgets, researching and writing grants, and anything else benefiting the city.

She is to be paid a little more than $71,000. Her duties are quite similar to those performed by Mr. Stuckert.

I recently read where Wilmington has a budget shortfall of nearly $1 million. Until a new council member is appointed, a portion of city residents are without representation on council.

It is a month later, and nothing has been written about concern over the salary of the mayor’s assistant. Where is the outrage?

It is apparent that politics and cronyism are alive and well.

Don Spurling