U.S. one nation under one ruler

I am really terrified that Trump is planning to turn this country into a dictatorship with the help of Vladimir Putin. He has secret meetings with Putin, his campaign had over 120 contacts with Russians, he has defied the Constitution which requires him and members of his administration to submit to the oversight of Congress, he ignores the fact that the Constitution says the power of the purse belongs to Congress.

He has refused to allow the IRS to turn over his taxes which again is required (SHALL) by law. Mitch McConnell refuses to allow most bills go to the floor for a vote unless they are approved by Trump. He therefore has control of both Executive and Congressional branches and has a lot of judges who have him to thank for their appointments. Now he’s working on the DOJ. He already has Barr and now he got rid of Coates to be replaced by one of his loyalists. He appoints all acting cabinet secretaries because then he doesn’t have to have congressional approval.

The U.S. is now for all intents and purposes under one-man rule! What price are Republicans willing to pay to keep him in power?

Sherrill Graham