Two ’resorts’; which would you choose?

Summer is a wonderful season. It is time we spend with our families on picnics, swimming and enjoying vacations with our children. What better place to enjoy a dream vacation than the fine state of Hawaii. Located on the isle of Maui is a luxury resort where a family is able to walk on a beach with golden sand. Enjoy any one of three swimming pools or catch a bite to eat in multiple restaurants. All rooms have an ocean view and you can access the best adventures all over the island. This special time can be enjoyed by your family for the meager price per day of $750.

Maybe you choose to spend that money another way. Our government is giving children from other countries time in border detention centers. These children taken from their families get to enjoy the smell of urine and feces. In some facilities their adventures allow them to be held in cages. The meals they consume consist of slimy lunchmeat and moldy bread. The showers in these facilities have mold and mildew — the children are allowed to use them every 10-20 days.

Unfortunately, there is no soap or products that would allow them to brush their teeth. There is no access to medical care and the guards wear masks to avoid inhaling the bacteria that is throughout the facility.

Our government is paying these places the same amount of money you are spending at that wonderful resort in Hawaii — $750 per day. The most recent report by the New York Times calculated there were about 12,000 children being held in these centers. So, if you do the math, 12.000 children times $750 per child equals $9 million per day!

So, where would you rather be with your children and grandchildren? I think I know the answer.

Ann M. Partlow