Democrats gone mad: they’re at wit’s end

With little hope in sight, the frenzied Democrat Party and Anti-Trumpers are trying anything and everything they can to oust this duly-elected president. However, nothing seems to work. It is clear to me and I would assume many voters that the Democrats are trying to create as much negative chaos as they can to try their hardest to paint a very “negative cloud” over the Trump Administration leading up to the 2020 election, no matter how false it may be, to dissuade voters away from the GOP in their attempts to win in 2020.

They have tried the Russia hoax which clearly did not work! They were sure the Mueller investigation would incriminate President Trump and it clearly did not. They were allegedly involved in procuring and paying for the fake Russian dossier to obtain from the FISA courts the right to spy on the Trump campaign, and while this is going through an investigation of its own, that seemed not to work. They were quick to declare an oncoming recession for the U.S., blaming President Trump in this regard, and the economy continues to boom — unemployment in all categories is at a near 50-year low and the Dow Jones continues to break all-time records, so that fizzled out for the Democrats.

They continue to be relentless in trying to oust this achieving POTUS who has done more in three years for the American people, than his predecessor did in eight long years. And now they are frothing at the mouth with the Ukraine situation in which they allege that President Trump was pressuring, and involved in a so-called “shake down” effort, directed at a senior official in the Ukraine government to look into the matter where Joe Biden allegedly was in the process of withholding foreign aid to the Ukraine since a Ukraine special prosecutor was investigating son Hunter Biden and his involvement and substantial payments and his involvement with the board of a company called Burisma. By the way, Joe Biden’s comments on this subject have aired on TV. But, of course, this has been twisted by the Democrats to say this his effort was legal, the same thing they are accusing the president of. Clear to me that the voters will decide who’s at fault here in the 2020 election! And it won’t be President Trump!

George R. Cook