Community center will serve all Clinton County

As a lifelong resident of Clinton County, I have always considered it my duty to give back and to serve the community in which I was raised. I have had the pleasure of serving on numerous local boards and committees. Never, however, has there been one which has the potential to have a more lasting impact then my current position as Co-chair of the Levy Campaign Committee for the Clinton County Joint Recreation District.

High-level community engagement demonstrates a desire for a community center serving the needs of all people of all ages and demographics, not only those who attend gyms. It will be designed for Clinton County residents of all ages, interests and abilities, to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Passage of the levy will also provide for wellness parks and recreation systems throughout the county. These “pocket parks” will provide recreation opportunities to all citizens regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or ability.

Access to parks and recreation facilities have been demonstrated to increase property values , entice businesses and can serve as a catalyst for economic development in our towns and villages throughout the county. Corporate executives rate quality-of-life features as important factors when choosing a location for a headquarters, factory or other company facility.

“The powerful impact parks and recreation has on economic activity highlights the fact that … parks and recreation is a critical aspect of what makes a city, town, or county a vibrant and prosperous community.” — National Recreation and Parks Association

Ron Rudduck