Threads in the world’s tapestry

Who is Greta Thunberg? Some young people throughout the world are demonstrating regarding climate change. What is their hope? What do members of the Extinction Revolution want?

A poster seen in Europe has a photo of a rhinoceros with the statement: “Some of the strongest among us need the most help.” A photo on the cover of a National Geographic magazine shows the lifeless body of the last male white rhino. (There are two females past the age of reproduction.) Is that photo meaningful? Is that news sad?

Research reveals that there are 16,306 species (animals and plants) that are on the endangered species list. Included are antelopes, some bears, leopards, some bats, and others. African and Asian elephants are threatened. The population of birds in the U.S. has decreased.

What do we know about monarch butterflies? About bees? Do we need pollinators? Has there been a change in temperature in Alaska? Elsewhere? How about the amount of rain in Houston, Texas? Are there huge fires burning in western United States? Is there a problem with the septic systems in Florida? What is the Green New Deal?

Why is the Wilmington News Journal reports of development of solar panels and windmills in Clinton County good news?

Paul W. Skogstrom