Eveland a leader Wilmington needs

I saw former Mayor Eveland in public several months ago and it struck me how we don’t have the appreciation for what and how people do things until long after they left pubic service. I stopped him and told him so. Nick Eveland was mayor at a time of unprecedented growth in Wilmington. Nothing we face today was not seen or experienced during his term.

Nick was a champion of the business community as well. Many of us knew that at the time, but just a few years ago the president of Ahresty reminded us when he told a crowd gathered at the plant a significant anniversary that it was 100 percent the personal persistence of Nick Eveland that made him choose Wilmington, Ohio. I’m not necessarily an old person but I have seen a lot, and right now I see gaps in leadership everywhere. Sometimes we need at least one person at the table who can provide the wisdom of experience.

It’s also worth noting, I haven’t spoken to anyone, I’m not on anyone’s campaign committee and I can’t vote in Wilmington. I’m just deeply compelled and cautiously optimistic about Wilmington’s bright future.

Bret Dixon