Stuckert best choice for 2nd Ward

Loren Stuckert is the Republican candidate for city councilman representing the 2nd Ward. He held this office a few years ago and served responsibly and admirably. During his tenure, he pushed to eliminate the “dead wood” positions in our city government, a decision which enabled city council to free up those monies for much-needed projects such as paving our streets, which they did.

Loren is not a “yes man.” He researches each new idea and studies the results other cities our size have experienced. He looks at long-term effects as well, knowing that just because it looks beneficial today, will it maintain that outcome later on? He is an ardent supporter of the Constitution and the true meaning of its words as our forefathers intended. When Loren is for something, he’s for it all the way. He applies that same fervor when he’s opposed to something, too.

Loren, his wife Sherry, and their large family have been a blessing to me and mine, simply because of the kind of people they are. I have no doubt that Loren will be equally as productive in city council this time as he was before. I gladly support Loren Stuckert with my Nov. 5 vote, and hope you will do the same.

Dottie Flaugher