Vote for county’s growth, prosperity

At the September meeting of the Clinton County Board of Realtors, the board voted unanimously to support the Clinton County Joint Recreation District Levy.

Realtors are often among the first to meet people considering Clinton County as their new home. One of their first questions is typically, “What activities do you have for my children?” This is followed quickly with “What can we do as a family?”

The answers to these questions are often met with disappointment.

While there are outdoor activities available to most age groups, Ohio weather forces us indoors from September to April. Opportunities for indoor activities, that aren’t an organized winter sport or class, are virtually non-existent. There isn’t even an indoor venue for a basketball game or a pool to swim in.

Clinton County is ranked 57th out of 88 counties in health outcomes — not a statistic that draws new residents.

If employees are choosing communities with more recreational opportunities for themselves and their children, employers will choose other locations to establish their businesses.

A vote for the Clinton County Recreation District Levy is a vote for continued growth and prosperity in Clinton County! Vote “yes” in November!

Sheri McIntosh, Director

Clinton County Board of Realtors