Medians will hinder emergency responders

I am writing on behalf of our emergency equipment operators — police, fire and ambulance drivers. According to Ohio public safety law: “Upon approach of an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights and an audible signal the driver must immediately drive to a position parallel to the right edge or curb of the road or highway and stop.”

In regards to Rombach Avenue with road curbs restricting how far a vehicle can move to the right, it then means the only space left for emergency vehicles to pass is down the center of the road! Just last week I saw a sheriff’s vehicle weaving through stopped vehicles in the middle of Rombach Avenue near the Davids Drive intersection.

I am surprised that this public safety consideration, to my knowledge, has not been discussed. Are we going to overlook how this affects emergency traffic until it’s too late and the medians on Rombach Avenue have prevented emergency personnel from saving someone’s life.

Gary De Fayette