Vote ‘no’ on Blan BPA ordinance

We are asking Blanchester voters to vote “no” on the ordinance to abolish the BPA. This idea is not new, although, how it was handled is surprising. In 2005, 75 percent of voters rejected the idea, and almost 65 percent in 2017. Yet, the mayor and council concocted this behind closed doors, then requested two special meetings to pass the ordinance, without allowing citizens to ask questions. Why? Attempting to circumvent the voters, and not trying to work as a team, is simply wrong. Thankfully, several concerned citizens worked to get this on the ballot. You deserve the right to vote on the ordinance.

The benefit of the BPA being separate from council ensures checks and balances. It allows dedicated focus on our utilities from experienced elected officials held accountable to the people.

The past 15 years, the BPA contributed over $5M of the kilowatt tax credit to the general fund to help the village. The BPA supports our community, the Parks Board, American Legion, and chamber, as well as other groups with special events, fundraisers, and making sure the town properly celebrates our veterans and holidays.

At the end of 2017, the BPA passed a 5 percent reduction on residential electric rates. The sewer plant was upgraded, downtown has underground electric, new lighting, water, and sewer lines. The town has a new 1M gallon water plant. That’s progress folks.

What will happen if the BPA is abolished? A simple question, they have not answered. We must vote “no.”

James M. Bowling