‘No’ to 30 years of more taxes

The tax levy for parks and recreation is for 30 years and the cost is not clear as written on the ballot in the November election. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones still paying taxes on a huge building, which will benefit mostly Wilmington residents.

This tax levy will generate just short of $3 million per year, according to the Clinton County Auditor’s office. If the levy passes and you have a $100,000 property, it will cost you well over an extra $100 more each year. If you have a farm or rentals, consider the huge amount of taxes you will pay the next 30 years. If you rent, don’t be surprised if your rent is raised.

When you ask how much a membership will cost to join the huge center, you cannot get an answer.

The villages, New Vienna, Blanchester and others, “can apply” for the tax money for their parks and projects, but will they really be considered?

What will happen to local businesses that have stepped up and opened fitness centers, when Clinton County couldn’t maintain the “Y” because it was too costly?

This tax levy will cause a financial hardship on a lot of people in Clinton County. It should be written for less money and fewer years. Then folks could decide whether to renew it after 3-5 years, but not 30! Please think before you vote and vote “no” on the Clinton County Joint Recreation District Tax Levy. Thank you.

Howard Bickel

New Vienna