Everyone has turned up nothing

How many times have the Democrat Party tried to dig up dirt on our president and “everyone” has failed and turned up nothing! But they are still trying to find the “there there” – a hopeless objective! Russia, Russia, Stormy, Stormy, FISA Warrant, FISA, Warrant, Obstruction, Obstruction, Quid Pro Quo, Quid Pro Quo (try Joe and Hunter Biden!), Bribery, Bribery … is there anything left?

Of course, going back to the inept, nothing there Mueller Report. Did anybody tell the Democrats that trying the “same thing” over and over again is the definition of insanity? The president has released a transcript of his phone call with Ukraine officials – no pressure, no Quid Pro Quo and so admitted by the Ukraine official – on the other hand, I recall seeing the Quid Quo Pro conversation narrated by former VP Joe Biden on TV several times! Do we have a two-tiered justice system here? One that favors the Left and disfavors the Right? Apparently. Perhaps the Monday, Dec. 9 release of the DOJ/IG Report and factual comments from the ATG Barr might shed some “real facts” about the alleged devious activities conducted by the Democrats and certain personnel in the FBI both before, during and after the 2016 election? And perhaps If and When the impeachment charges get to the Senate … there would be some interesting witnesses asked to appear by the Republican controlled Senate, including Mr Schiff and other key members of the House of Representative Democrats who have been claiming they “have the evidence” for years now.

It would appear from the more recent polls that the public is disfavoring impeachment, including the independents and other classes of U.S. citizens. In closing, thank you Mr. President for a booming economy and record employment and unemployment levels.

George R. Cook