Hopkins best choice for county recorder

On March 17, 2020 Clinton County voters will be selecting a candidate for County Recorder, an office, the importance of which, is misunderstood by many. The Recorder’s Office maintains many documents required by federal, state and local laws and ordinances as well as those necessary to settle civil disputes and records that county residents, for personal or professional reasons, want to have memorialized.

Though an elected position, it is no place for a consummate politician or anyone wishing to use the office of county recorder as a political “stepping stone.” This office requires a commitment to complying with mandated and requested preservation of legal and personal documents.

In the approximately 20 years I have known Kelly Hopkins, he has always exhibited a “can do” attitude and approached every task with informed professionalism and, in my experience, left no assignment unfinished. Kelly, a U.S. Army veteran, understands an assigned mission and approaches it with an unwavering dedication to its successful completion. In conversations with him, Kelly exhibited an impressive knowledge of many of the requirements of the office. Mr. Hopkins is undeniably the ideal candidate to take on the consequential position of Clinton County Recorder.

A sober evaluation of the candidates will result in a vote for Kelly Hopkins for Clinton County Recorder.

Paul G. Butler