GOP-led Senate failed at its job

After taking testimony from a number of Trump appointees, and listening to Trump lawyers, who did not contest that Trump asked a foreign country for assistance in finding dirt on a political opponent, and who withheld congressionally approved funds from a small country at war with Russia, unless they did so — the House voted to impeach President Trump on two counts.

For two weeks, Americans watched a farcical reality show called the Senate Impeachment Hearings. The House presented their case with witness statements and documents. Senators took an oath to be fair and impartial judges, yet some said they didn’t want to hear from any witnesses nor were they going to read any documents.

The White house blocked all attempts for the Senate to receive any documents or to hear from first hand witnesses. Majority leader, McConnell, said he would work in coordination with the White House. How can this be fair and impartial?

As the hearings neared its end, Republican Senators Alexander, Collins, Rubio and others, said what Trump did was wrong, but voted to acquit anyway. This is political cowardice. Senators took an oath to serve and protect the constitution; not the president.

During the Senate hearings, some Senators were espousing Putin propaganda that it was Ukraine not Russia who interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections. To continue to do so is wrong and dangerous. The Senate has unleashed unfettered the most corrupt, racist, and spiteful president in American history. He is a boy in a man’s body, with little self control.

Because of fear of retribution, the Republican-led Senate failed to do its job. It’s now up to the ultimate jury, the American voter. Register to vote and vote in November.

Don Spurling