McKay will make outstanding county recorder

If ever an individual was born to hold a certain position, it is Jonathan McKay for the position of Clinton County Recorder. He was born and raised in Clinton County and has a long family history and connection to the county. He is proud of this heritage and holds a passion for all things Clinton County.

I met Mr. McKay while attending Ohio Dominican University, where we both were History students. Mr. McKay’s passion, education, and training in history provide him with the required knowledge to successfully and efficiently maintain the county’s historical documents and archives. Mr. McKay’s background will be a great benefit to the position and all of Clinton County.

As an attorney, I understand the importance of the County Recorder. Each party depends upon the accurate maintenance of records within the county. Mr. McKay is meticulous, has a great attention to detail, and ensures that each job is done completely and successfully. These traits will serve Mr. McKay well in this position.

Mr. McKay is a great listener and observer; he is kind and compassionate and is one of the most down-to-earth individuals one could ever have the pleasure of knowing. He will strive to ensure that the Recorder’s office will be an office that people look forward to dealing with.

I believe Mr. McKay’s drive, dedication, historical background, and, most importantly, his love for Clinton County makes him uniquely and unequivocally qualified to serve as the County Recorder.

Adrienna N. Hunsberger, Esq.

Philadelphia, Pa.