Climate change is terribly real

Some people continue to deny climate change. Donald Trump’s denial of climate change is one of the greatest failures of his failures as president.

As a reader, you probably know of climate change-related problems in Australia, California, and Venice, Italy. Problems in Canada include fires and an increase in tree-attacking insects. There has been remarkable flooding in the U.S. Midwest.

Now, we see in the Wilmington News Journal that Lake Erie has broken its high-water record. Also, “Less than one-half of one percent of Lake Erie had ice on Feb. 2 of this year.” Compare that to the usual 75% of the lake in ice. This news is unprecedented!

Land in Geneva-on-Lake, Wisconsin, has been lost to erosion. There will be flooding and loss of land in major coastal areas. A report in a major magazine says that it is now too late to stop climate change caused primarily by burning of fossil fuels. The only question is, “How bad will conditions become?”

Is this serious? An acquaintance, a trained ecologist, said, “The Earth will survive, but the beings on the face of the earth are in danger.” From a knowledgable writer, “Only massive research and development can save us now.”

Paul W. Skogstrom