Habermehl for commissioner

I endorse Clinton County Auditor Mr. Terry Habermehl for the post of Clinton County Commissioner. He believes in “the people first” which translates to “what’s best for Clinton County, its residents, its future.” As a 20-year resident, that’s important to me; so is having people that I can trust in respectable positions.

Mr. Habermehl is someone I trust. He’s made difficult and unpopular decisions in his former posts in the military, as a teacher, and as the County Auditor. Mr. Habermehl is interested in growing business within Clinton County. As a small business owner, I want to know that my business can prosper here, and any discussions about growth are important to me. Mr. Habermehl has demonstrated accountability and transparency as County Auditor and will continue to do so no matter how he contributes to our county’s success. Mr. Habermehl has that kind of character; that’s just who he is.

If you want a County Commissioner who demonstrates consistency, who is approachable and accountable, who has integrity, who knows our county, and who makes a difference, then vote Mr. Habermehl for County Commissioner.

Tracy Hopkins