Judge Noah Powers for Court of Appeals

As a former Central Committee Chair of the Clinton County Republican Party, I wanted to weigh in on the magnitude and importance of the 12th District Court of Appeals race that will be on the Republican Primary Ballot on March 17. The 12th District Court of Appeals is the second highest court in our state, right below the Supreme Court. Its decisions impact the lives of over a million citizens in Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette, Madison, Preble and Warren counties.

This year, one of those seats needs to be filled. I support Judge Noah Powers for this important judgeship with every fiber of my being. He has the necessary qualifications, integrity, character and experience for the position. He is the only candidate with judicial experience, having served as a Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge for 13 years, being elected Presiding Judge of that Court for going on five years.

His experience is remarkable. Just go to his website, electjudgepowers.com, examine the facts, and you will see why. If elected he would have no learning curve. He could hit the ground running, and not miss a beat.

In my opinion, the other three candidates lack the necessary experience to serve in this capacity. Common sense tells me that nobody should second guess a judge unless they had been one themselves. Vote for the person who is most qualified, Judge Noah Powers. Please cast your absentee ballot for him or at early voting and primary election day, March 17.

Lois Allen